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hotels in allahabad, Allahabad Hotels, Hotel in Allahabad, Hotel Booking for Allahabad, Budget Hotels in Allahabad, Luxury Hotels in Allahabad Also known as Prayag, Allahabad is a well-known Hindu pilgrimage located in the state of Uttar Pradesh. A historical city, which finds mention in ancient scriptures, Allahabad holds Mahakumbh - the largest gathering of humanity in any part of the world - every 12 years. The confluence of river Ganga, Yamuna, and mythical Saraswati, Allahabad is also known as Sangam (the confluence). Allahabad is the place where the remains of the dead take rest and leave for the ethereal abode, and get rid of their eternal cycle of birth and rebirth. Allahabad is also the land where some of India’s most charismatic people have either taken birth or made it their permanent abode.

Allahabad - Tourist Attractions

The Sangam is located around 7 km from Civil Lines. This is one of the most sacred places for the Hindus. After every twelve years, Allahabad hosts the Maha Kumbh Mela at the Sangam. After every six years, it again comes to life with the Ardh Kumbh. The Magh Mela is also held here every year in the month of January/February.

Allahabad Fort
Mughal emperor Akbar built the Allahabad Fort in 1583 AD, near the Sangam. The fort is an unparalleled exhibition of medieval Indian art, architecture, design, and craftsmanship. This huge, majestic fort has three magnificent galleries flanked by high towers.

Anand Bhawan
At Anand Bhawan, the ancestral home of the Nehrus, one is offered a glimpse of the lifestyle of the family that retained for a long time the status of the most important political dynasty in India. Anand Bhawan now houses one of the best-kept museums of India and a memorabilia of the Nehru-Gandhi family.

Swaraj Bhawan
Adjacent to Anand Bhawan, Swaraj Bhawan is notable as the former Prime Minister of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi was born here. Built by Pt. Moti Lal Nehru, the historical building of Swaraj Bhawan was donated to the nation in AD 1930, to be used as the headquarters of the Congress Committee.

Khusrau Bagh
Khusrau Bagh is a large garden where the tomb of Khusrau, son of emperor Jahangir is located. Khusrau had made many unsuccessful attempts to assassinate his father and take the reigns in his hands. In the end, his own brother Shahjahan murdered him.

Hanuman Mandir
The Hanuman Mandir, located quite near the Allahabad Fort, is a unique temple. It is famous for the supine image of Hanuman. This is the only temple to have Hanuman in a reclining posture.

Allahabad Museum
The key attractions of the museum are the paintings of Nicholas Roerich. It also houses Rajasthani miniatures, terracotta figurines, coins and stone sculptures from the second century BC to modern times.

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There are enough decent accommodation options in Allahabad and the scene is getting better every passing day. There are a number of star category hotels catering to the needs of tourists coming to explore Allahabad or interesting in exploring the scenic region around.

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