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Bangalore Hotels

When you look at Bangalore, at the first sight it seems more like a garden. Once you have acquainted the city, you will find that it is a bustling metropolis, one of the leading technological hubs of the modern world, and a fast-growing city.

Bangalore was founded by Kempe . Gowda I, Chieftain of Vijayanagar in 1537. The four limits of this won were decided by the extent to which four carts could be pulled by their bullocks. This town he named after a village, which was called Bengaluru, a colloquialism of . Benda Kalu. which means, . boiled beans. in Kannada. Local folklore has it that a 10-th century ruler, Veera Ballala lost his way in the forest while on a hunt. He arrived at the cottage of an old woman who offered him her simple meal of boiled beans. Since then it was called . Benda Kalu Uru. , the anglicized version - naturally is Bangalore.

Today. s Bangalore has come a long way from being the town of . boiled beans. . Bars for drinking out are found in all parts of the city. There are a large number of clubs too, such as the Catholic Club and the club at eh Bowring Institute where the fun-lovers. will take care of all your hotel needs in Bangalore.

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Bangalore - Tourist Attractions

Bangalore city has a number of tourist places. Apart from the numerous gardens, it also has some historical sites and other places of interest. The Vidhan Soudha or the State Secretariat, built in 1954, is the main attraction of this city. It is a marvel of modern architecture and is a fine amalgamation of traditional Dravidian and modern styles. Cubbon Park, the 120-hectare park located near the Vidhan Soudha, has a number of neo-classical styled government buildings. The Government Museum of Bangalore (one of India. s oldest museums) and the Visvesvaraya Technological and Industrial Museum are important museums within the city. The Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens, which holds a number of flower shows, especially during the Republic Day (26th January), is located on the southern fringes of the city. The 18th-century Tipu Sultan. s Fort and Palace are other important places of interest to the traveler. The 16th-century, Dravidian-styled temple dedicated to Nandi the Bull is an important place of worship. The Venkataramanaswamy Temple, the Gavi Gangadhareswara cave temple, and the Someshwara Temple are other important temple of this city. The Ulsoor Lake on the northeastern edge of the city is an important picnic spot. Bangalore city is famous for it numerous Yoga centers, where fitness freaks can learn and practice this ancient art of keeping healthy.

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Bangalore - Hotels

Today. s Bangalore is also characterized by a burgeoning population of five star hotels, all of which are picturesque and well located, so as to merge with the general ambience of he city. Some of the best hotels that you can look forward to stay at Bangalore are Hotel Windsor Manor Sheraton, Hotel Lalita Mahal, Hotel Holiday Inn, Hotel Taj Residency, and Hotel West End. There are plenty of budget and economy hotel ranges also.

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