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Hotels in the States of India

Andhra Pradesh Hotels

The amazing state of Andhra Pradesh is a major tourist destination owing to its rich cultural and religious heritage besides the lovely landscape. Andhra Pradesh is often referred to as the food bowl of the South and is renowned for the wondrous weaves. The ruins, palaces, museums and ports add to the charm of Andhra Pradesh. There are enough decent accommodation options in Andhra Pradesh and the scene is getting better every passing day. There are a number of star category hotels catering to the needs of tourists coming to explore Andhra Pradesh or interesting in exploring the scenic region around.

Goa Hotels

The golden holiday destination of Goa is often referred to as the Pearl of the East. The palm-fringed beaches, coconut canopies, ferry rides, fabulous folk music, the ancient temples and the gothic churches add to the glory of Goa. The captivating combination of the Sun, sand and the sea makes Goa the picture perfect spot for rejuvenation. There are enough decent accommodation options in Goa like star category hotels, beach resorts, sacks and economy and budget hotels. Many of the hotels and resorts have their own private beaches or are located on the seaside.

Gujarat Hotels

Gujarat is the gorgeous melting pot of the races and culture, the perfect amalgamation of tradition with trend. The rich heritage, beauty of nature and the association with the father of the nation has made Gujarat the tourist destination for more reasons than one. There are enough decent accommodation options in Gujarat and the scene is getting better every passing day. There are a number of star category hotels and tourist hotels catering to the needs of tourists coming to explore Gujarat or interesting in exploring the scenic region around.

Rajasthan Hotels

Enjoy the legendary hospitality of Rajasthan, the region of great forts and palaces and deserts and colored landscape and men with proud in their eyes. Apart from the regular business and city hotels, the state offers one of the most exotic staying options called Heritage Hotels. Converted from the old forts and palaces of royal Rajasthan, these heritage hotels treat the travelers like royal guests and give them moments of royal touch that could never be forgotten. Luxurious tented accommodation during the time of major fairs and wildlife lodges maintained by the major hotel chains are other attractions.

Tamil Nadu Hotels

In the temple state of India Tamil Nadu, hospitality is a tradition that never fails to make the guests feel like being the most important persons on earth. Enjoy the architectural wonders of Dravidian culture, music and dances, wildlife and beaches and the serenity of hill resorts in Tamil Nadu. All the major hotel chains of India have their hotels up and running in the major cities especially Chennai (formerly Madras).

Himachal Pradesh Hotels

Himachal Pradesh for long has been considered as the Mecca of Indian Hill tourism. Numerous hill resorts and hotels have been built over the time to service the needs of tourists coming to these hills every year. Major centers of travel like Shimla, Manali, Dalhousie, Dharamsala and others are having hundreds of hotels spread along the valleys. Many of these hotels and resorts provide excellent views of the Himalayan peaks and organize trekking and other adventure sports. Most of the hill resorts in Himachal Pradesh were developed by the British, who loved the snow-capped hills and the respite they give to them from the blazing heat of the plains. The old world charm and heritage of many of these hill resorts or hill stations are still intact.

Kerala Hotels

Kerala - the god’s own country has developed many beautiful images on earth to supplement what god has bestowed them with. Enjoy the most novel ways of staying in India at Kerala and get the experience that you would never forget. Tree houses are one of the most uncommon but eco-friendly ways of staying in style. Another unusual but delightful way of staying in Kerala is to hire a luxurious boat floating on the backwaters of Kerala and moving through different images of this great state. Normal business and tourist hotels also abound in Kerala giving the tourists of all budget groups a viable chance of enjoying this beautiful state.

Bihar Hotels

Bihar, a state in the eastern India, the land that gave birth to Buddhism and Jainism, and helped in the growth of Sikhism and Hinduism, has a past that is unmatched anywhere in the world. It was the center of first republic in the world at Vaishali and the city of Pataliputra was largest and grandest in the world at the height of its glory before Christ. There is an array of tourist destinations of diverse interests in the state many of them closely linked with the life and times of Lord Buddha, Mahavira, and Guru Gobind Singh. Apart from these, the state is also known for its diverse culture and traditions still alive and kicking.

Jammu & Kashmir Hotels

Jammu is the second largest city and is the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu is actually two towns. The old town sits on a hilltop overlooking the river, and several kilometers away across the river is the new town of Jammu Tawi. Jammu is justly famous for its temples. In fact it is known as the city of temples and the every fame of it tends to overshadow its palaces, forts, forests and powerful ziarats. If Bahu Mata is the presiding deity of Jammu, the dargah of Peer Budhan Ali Shah is the other shrine that protects Jammuites. The other major tourist attraction is the Ragunath Temple Complex. The temple of Maha Kali (better known as Bahu or Bawey Wali Mata), located in the Bahufort, is considered second only to Mata Vaishno Devi in terms of mystical power. Mansar Lake, Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary, Jhajjar Kotli, Sheesh Mahal and Amar Mahal Palace Museum are some pf the places worth visiting in Jammu.

Karnataka Hotels

The kaleidoscopic state of Karnataka is a perfect tourist destination. The nature is at its best with the misty mountains, wondrous waterfalls, beautiful birds and the fantabulous forests with teak, ebony and rosewood. The tradition has intermingled with the technology best in the state of Karnataka.

Lakshadweep Hotels

Though the Lakshadweep archipelago may appear as a few insignificant dots on the map of India, it is, in fact, a sparkling diamond- and emerald-studded jewel adorning India's southwestern frontier. It is one of the few marvels left untouched by the encroaching hands of industrialization and progress. The white beaches, the lagoons that wash its shores with the coral reefs, which enclose it, and finally the deep blue sea-all, these are symbiotically linked with each other. And, when all these are added up, Lakshadweep is no longer the tiniest of India's territories but the largest!

Madhya Pradesh Hotels

The biggest state of the Indian mainland Madhya Pradesh is a cluster of innumerable districts and varied topographic and climatic characteristics. Along with the magnificent Vindhyachal mountain range, river valleys and plateau Madhya Pradesh is famous for its wonderful art, craft, music and dance. As the name suggests the state of Madhya Pradesh, lies in the middle (Madhya) of India. Besides the natural beauty of the wildlife Madhya Pradesh also boasts of the splendid structures of the ancient and medieval world. The erotic temples of Khajuraho, forts and palaces of the gorgeous Gwalior, temples of unique Ujjain, and extensively engraved buildings of Orcha reveal the rich heritage of Madhya Pradesh that attracts tourists from far and wide.

Maharashtra Hotels

Maharashtra on the stretch of the Arabian Sea occupies a major area in the western and the central parts of India and happens to be the third largest state.

Orissa Hotels

On the eastern coast of India between West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh is the diverse state of Orissa. With the lush greens, hilly terrains, coastal plains and rolling river valleys Orissa is truly diverse. The Brahmani, the Mahanadi and the Bansadhara rivers flank Orissa. In its long history spanning several centuries, the region of modern Orissa is today one of the most popular with tourists. For all the nature lovers the state of Orissa with its vast, thick and dense forests, offers nature at its best. The great variety of avifauna, animals, and plant species is simply put amazing. There are the Simlipal National Park, Bhitar Kanika Wildlife Sanctuary, Nandan Kanan Zoological Park and the Chilka Lake that must be checked out to experience the beauty of Orissa.

Punjab Hotels

The first impression of Punjab one gets is that of a land pulsating with prosperity. The plains of Punjab, with their fertile soil and abundant water supply, are naturally suited to be the breadbasket for India. The land of Punjab is a land of exciting culture, myriad images of swaying emerald green fields and hearty people whose robust rustic ways of camaraderie and bonhomie are very much a part of their heritage.

Sikkim Hotels

The scintillating state of Sikkim makes an excellent holiday destination. Besides boasting of the third highest peak in the World namely Kanchendzonga, Sikkim is the treasure trove of fabulous flora and fauna. The rich traditions and customs make Sikkim even more colorful. The capital city of Gangtok ‘the top of the hill’ is the most important place in Sikkim with extensively cultivation of corn.

Uttaranchal Hotels

Uttaranchal is the 26th state of the Indian union. The state of Uttaranchal has been Carved out with 14 hilly districts of former Uttar Pradesh. Uttaranchal is rich in flora and fauna, natural and tourist ambience, and houses some of the most important pilgrimage centers in the country. The State of Uttaranchal offers the splendor of nature, grandeur in its wild denizens, and simplicity in its people. All put together Uttaranchal is unique experience to the senses.

West Bengal Hotels

The wonderful state of West Bengal reveals unity in diversity. The rich cultural heritage and the matchless geographical variety attract tourists from far and wide. The state of West Bengal is associated with the likes of river Ganga, the Bay of Bengal, Sundarbans, hill retreat of Darjeeling, the toy trains and Rabindranath Tagore. West Bengal is worth more than a visit. Further ahead are the spectacular Seven Sisters of Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Tripura.

Noida Hotels