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Hotels in Nepal

Nepal - the Himalayan kingdom is one of the foremost travel destinations in the world for adventure travel. But the country is not only an adventure destination as the cultural heritage of Nepal is as rich as its natural heritage. Kathmandu, Royal Chitwan National Park, Bharatpur, Pokhra, and trekking and river rafting in Himalayas are all the part of this great country. It is a land of cultural diversity, being the religious crossroads of Hinduism and Buddhism, and is the birthplace of Lord Buddha and Goddess Sita.

Nepal - Tourist Attractions

Nepal has three main cities of tourist attraction-Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. The capital city of Kathmandu offers many attractions to the visitor. It is the seat of the world famous Pashupatinath Temple. Kathmandu's core is Durbar Square, with the Vishnumati River to the west and Ratna Park to the east. The Baghmati River forms the southern boundary, while Thamel, the budget travelers' hangout, sprawls to the north.

Patan has many pleasant attractions like the Durbar Square, Royal Palace, Jagannarayan Temple, Golden Temple, Kumbeshawar, a collection of Buddhist stupas, Nepal’s only zoo, and the Tibetan carpet market at Jawlakhel.

Bhaktapur, 35 km from Kathmandu, offers attractions like the Durbar Square, famous for its temples, squares, statues and columns, Taumadhi Tole Square, Nyatapola Temple, Til Mahadev Narayan, Potters’ Square, and Tachupal Tole Square.

In the Terai region, the Royal Chitwan National Park and Janakpur, the legendary birthplace of Goddess Sita of the Ramayana, are the oft-visited sites. Pokhara is famous for its picturesque setting, Tibetan settlements, hilltop monasteries, the Devi Falls, caves and lakes. The Dakshina Kali Temple, south of the Kathmandu Valley, attracts hundreds of pilgrims everyday. The Nagarjuna forest reserve is also a treat for the nature lover.

Nepal - Hotels

Hotels and resorts in Nepal offer the best in hospitality traditions and follow the global standard. Located in the foothills of Himalayas to some of the highest inhabited places in the world, these hotels offer comfort at the time when you need it most.

Nepal - Hotel Reservations

We have tie-up with some of the best hotels in Nepal to provide you bookings as per your special requirements. These hotels offer world-class services. Contact us to book your hotel in the Nepal and be prepared for your journey of lifetime.

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