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Mangalore Hotels

hotels in mangalore, Mangalore Hotels, Hotel in Mangalore, Hotel Booking for Mangalore, Budget Hotels in Mangalore, Luxury Hotels in Mangalore To the south by the shores of Arabian Sea is located the port town of Mangalore. Known for the industriousness of its people and natural splendor, the place also has a history of maritime activities. This district headquarter of Dakshina Kannada (South Karnataka) is now on the fast track to development and change.

Mangalore - Tourist Attractions

Virtually all the famous buildings in Mangalore are shrines like temples, churches, and makbaras.


Mangalore is a city of Temples and most of them have their own legends that relate to the birth and progression of the city. Some of the major temples in the city are Mangladevi Temple, Someshwar Temple, and Kadri Temple.

Dargah of Seyyid Mohammed Shareeful Madani

Virtually all the man-made attractions in Mangalore are connected with religion and faith. The dargah (mausoleum) of Seyyid Mohammed Shareeful Madani is painted in bright colours. It rises around the tomb of a Muslim divine who had come to Mangalore from the holy town of Medina. According to local belief, any animal dedicated to the saint and released anywhere in India will find its way here unescorted!


Milagres Church

There is the impressive Milagres Church had, apparently, been rebuilt in its present location because the original one had been destroyed by Tipu Sultan when he invaded the city. He believed that the Catholic Mangaloreans were favourably inclined towards the British. He confiscated their lands and marched them to his capital in far away Srirangapatnam. Years later, when the British defeated Tipu Sultan, they returned to reclaim their lands.

hotels in mangalore, Mangalore Hotels, Hotel in Mangalore, Hotel Booking for Mangalore, Budget Hotels in Mangalore, Luxury Hotels in Mangalore Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary is the seat of the Catholic Bishop. Much has been made of the murals on the walls of the Chapel of St. Aloysius’ College. They were reputedly painted by an Italian brother of the Jesuit order about a century ago.

Mangalore - Hotels

There are few decent accommodation options in Mangalore and the scene is getting better every passing day. New hotels are opening up and they all are matching standards in services and facilities with their big city brothers.

Mangalore - Hotels Reservations

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