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Pune Hotels

Looking forward for a pulsating holiday? How about Pune? The second biggest city of Maharashtra, the home to the Maratha leader, Shivaji.

hotels in pune, Pune Hotels, Hotel in Pune, Hotel Booking for Pune, Budget Hotels in Pune, Luxury Hotels in PuneThe most important landmark of Pune is the residence of the self-proclaimed guru, Bhagwan Rajneesh, also known as Osho. The ashram in Pune still attracts thousands of devotees, sightseers, curious onlookers and lots of controversy. The Shanwarawada Palace with its pleasant gardens and huge outer walls is another must visit in Pune. The Raja Kelkar Museum with unusual, the antique and the artistic collections draws several tourists. The major exhibits are the 17th century miniatures, of musical instruments, of antique pottery, and unusually, betel-nut cutters and brass padlocks. The other must visit museum is the Tribal Museum near the railway station. The Gandhi National memorial, in the Aga Khan palace is also an important landmark of Pune. The 8th century rock-cut temple, the Ptaleshwar Temple on a hill a little outside town is one of the most popular temples, dedicated to goddess Parvati. There is a famous Muslim shrine, the Qamarali Darvesh that has a stone that is reputed to levitate. Twenty-five kilometers south-west of Pune, perched on a hill-top, is one of Maharashtra’s many forest, Sinhagad, or the Lion Fort.

hotels in pune, Pune Hotels, Hotel in Pune, Hotel Booking for Pune, Budget Hotels in Pune, Luxury Hotels in PuneFor enjoying the gorgeous greens Pune offers the Bund gardens on the banks of the river Mula-Mutha.

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