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About Dubare Elephant Camp

Elephants are Nature's masterpieces, created and perfected through 55 million years of evolution! Man has always been fascinated by this strange and mysterious animal, the largest creature ever to walk on earth since the Jurassic period! Elephants, despite their huge-size are also extremely intelligent gentle, sensitive and astonishingly submissive. These characteristics were exploited by man and he domesticated the Elephant, probably around 5000 BC. He used them in warfare, hunting, as a beast of burden and finally as an icon in his religion and culture.

In India, Elephants have become an integral part of mythology, religion and culture. Ganesha, the Elephant - headed God, symbolizes the Indian fascination and reverence for this majestic beast. The Indian subcontinent also happens to be a prime habitat for the wild elephant and man has always been in intimate contact with them since thousands of years. Even today, India is home for about 30,000 wild elephants, which is about 70% of the entire Asiatic Elephant population! India also has a large population of domesticated elephants - about 2000 of them, used mainly for religious and cultural purposes.

The Karnataka Forest Department has about 150 Elephants in various camps and Dubare has been historically an important camp. The Elephants for the famous Mysore Dassehra were trained here. But presently after logging operations have ceased, the Forest Department does not really know what to do with all its elephants! They (Elephants) have been practically retired except for giving some rides to odd tourists. At the same time, the Forest Department spends quite some money to maintain them and their mahouts.

At Dubare Elephant camp, a visitor can spend hours simply watching Elephants and of course, learning more about them. A trained Naturalist is at hand to explain the various aspects of Elephant history, ecology and biology. The visitor can not only observe and learn but also participate in various activities involving Elephants. .

Hotel Specifications


Visitors to Dubare Elephant camp can observe these gentle giants closely and learn more about their fascinating behavior. A typical visit to the camp would last for about 3 hours. Tented accommodation will be created at Dubare on the banks of River Cauvery. The overnight clients would go through all the day activities and some additional activities.


At an appropriate time during the above activities, visitors are brought to the old Forest Rest House to have some tea/coffee and refreshments. The Rest house is built in the year 1897! And is still used by Forest officers!

Recreation and Health

Elephant Grooming
Visitors can watch Elephants being given a scrub-bath in the River and also observe how oil is applied on their forehead, tusks and other aspects of Elephant grooming. It is touching to see how the Mahouts take care of them; just like their children.

Elephant feeding
Visitors can watch the food being prepared for the Elephants and how they are fed. They can even participate by feeding the Elephants themselves - for this visitors get some sugarcane, coconuts or bananas.

The Mahouts will then demonstrate the various commands the Elephants can obey. This is vividly portrayed, by making elephants perform some mock logging operations, like lifting, and stacking logs in a symmetrical pile. It is amazing how dexterous their trunks are; did you know that there are more than 40000 muscles in the trunk alone!

While visitors are going through all these activities, there will be a Naturalist who is explaining to them about all aspects of Elephant ecology, history, conservation etc. The visitor's interaction with Elephants will be as participatory as possible. Further, a leaflet giving interesting information on the same will be given to visitors.

Elephant ride
Finally, visitors will be taken on a 45 min- 1 hour Elephant ride into the Dubare Reserve Forest. Before, they get on to the Elephant; they can watch how the Howdah is actually tied on to the Elephant back.

Basic Data

Country India
State Karnataka
District Coorg
City Coorg
Location Dubare Forest Reserve

City Information

Enjoy the captivating old-world charm on your holiday at Coorg. In fact Coorg is an integral part of the Calicut-Wyanand-Nagarhole-Coorg-Mysore tourist circuit. Amongst the many places of tourist attraction are the Abbey Falls. The Abbey Falls are very popular and picture perfect picnic spots amongst the tourists. Then there is the Tadeyendamol peak, which is trekked many times by the tourists to get the perfect view of the Arabian Sea. Trekking is the most preferred activity at Coorg, you may just keep trekking and scaling the misty mountains and exploring the beautiful spots. Coorg is often referred to as the land of the misty mountains. For the animal lovers visiting Coorg a trip to the Nagarhole National Park and the wildlife therein is the best bet. You can check out nature at its best at the Raja's Seat. The Omkareshwara Temple is dedicated to both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu and is worth more than a visit. The 200-year-old temple reveals an amazing amalgamation of the Islamic and Gothic styles of architecture. Get ready to get captivated by the charm of Coorg.