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Beach Resorts of India

Peninsular India bounded by Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and the two emerald archipelagos of Lakshwadeep and Andaman and Nicobar have a long coastline of around 7500 km, offering an amazing array of beaches, some popular, some not so well known.

In a blaze of glory of sun on the sea, endless waves lap the shores. From coast to coast, the beaches at Dwarka in the west, Kovalam in the south and Gopalpur in the east ……… there’s no end. A bask in the sun - A soak in the water - Feast of coastal cuisine - Fun with sea sport. Views of the many hues of dawn and dusk. Coastline of India is dotted with a number of beautiful and exotic beaches and beach resorts and it is very difficult to enlist all of them. But we can list some of them.

Beach Resorts in Goa

If you are looking for dazzling coastline, an ideal sea bathing and basking in the sun kissed and drenched beach, seducing atmosphere for relaxing, swimming, then the drop of Golden sun on the west coast of India i. e. GOA is a perfect choice.

Beach Resorts in Kerala

Kerala is a narrow sliver of land that adheres to the Arabian Sea and carries the burden of being India’s Role Model State. This tiny coastal state is a phenomenon in more ways than one. Apart from all the other obvious reasons the beaches of Kerala attracts a number of tourists for it’s own uniqueness. Starting from Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram the State is in choc-a-bloc with beaches and places that attract tourists and travelers from all over. Beach resorts of Kerala in the same vein compliment the exotic nature of Kerala beaches.

Beach Resorts in Orissa

The state of Orissa tucked away in the eastern corners of India is known mainly for its tribes, temples, and culture. But one more aspect of its tourism products, beaches is often missed out. It is not very far from the truth saying that Orissa has got the most peaceful and verdant beaches in India far from the meddling crowd one finds on other beaches in India.

Beach Resorts in Maharashtra

More than anything else, Maharashtra is known for its industries, caves of Ajanta and Ellora, sprawling metropolitan of Mumbai or Bombay, and Bollywood. It is very rare when someone takes seriously the long coast of Maharashtra touching down the Arabian Sea. Beach resorts in Maharashtra may be smaller than their counterparts in other places in India, but they are attractive enough to make visit nonetheless.

Beach Resorts in Gujarat

Holidaying is not just a fad among wealthy Gujaratis, but also a tradition. The peaceful and fun loving residents of this state in the extreme west of India has always patronized tourist destinations throughout the world and it is of no surprise that they have also developed all the beaches the state possesses…

Beach Resorts in Tamilnadu

The state of Tamil Nadu boasts of two terrific hill stations of Kodaikanal and Ooty. The marvelous mountains, the fabulous forests and the tea and coffee plantations add to the magic of the serene yet beautiful surroundings. For the animal lovers Tamil Nadu offers the elephants and dholes wild pack-hunting dogs, tigers and leopards at the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary amidst the teak dominated deciduous forests. At the Annamalai Sanctuary you may spot the lion-tailed macaques and several migratory birds.