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Hotels in Patna

Hotels in patna, Patna Hotels, Hotel in Patna, Hotel Booking for Patna, Budget Hotels in Patna, Luxury Hotels in Patna Situated on the southern bank of the holy river Ganges, Patna is a large city with a considerable population and quite a few places of interest. A typical tropical city of northern India, Patna is famous for its glorious past, especially the period of Magadh and the Mauryan rule. The historical monuments and beautiful countryside make it an interesting place to visit. It is the capital city of the Indian state of Bihar. Patna is a part of the Buddhist Circuit of Bihar, as it is the ideal gateway for all the places on this circuit.

The magnificent monuments standing in and around the city take one down the passages of history to the glorious past of the city. One of the best views in Patna is that from the Mahatma Gandhi Setu, one of the longest bridges in the world at 7.5 km, which crosses the Ganges 5 km west of the city centre. Moreover, the nearby sites have several special local products, which act as an added incentive for the tourist.

Shershah Masjid was built when Sher Shah Suri, an Afghan chieftain, became the ruler of Delhi. It is a beautiful Masjid built in pure Afghani style. Kumhrar is the place where excavations have unearthed some parts of the Mauryan city of Pataliputra. Har Mandir Temple is the second most important pilgrimage for the Sikhs after the Golden Temple of Amritsar. Golghar, built originally as a granary by the British, is now one of the most popular tourist spots in the city. The Jalan Museum has some very good collection of silver and jade filigree work of the Mughal period. The Bihar Institute of Handicraft and Design is doing some pioneering work to revive old crafts of the state.

Shershah Masjid

This is a mosque built by the Afghan ruler Sher Shah, who defeated Mughal Emperor Humanyun to rule Delhi. Locally known as Shershahi, the mosque was built in 1545, making it the oldest mosque in Patna.


Remains of the architecture of the region during Mauryan times are impressive though not much could have been unearthed. According to the archaeologists, most of the structures built by Mauryans were in wood and they could not survive the high water concentration in the soil in this region. Some of the structures unearthed are remains of a large pillared assembly hall of the Mauryan times, a Buddhist monastery, parts of Anand Bihar, and some clay figures and wooden beams found at the site.

Har Mandir

The second-most important gurudwara in India, the Takht Harmandir was built by Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th guru of the Sikhs. The gurudwara built in white marble with kiosks on the terraces consecrates the birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh. is an important Gurudwara for the Sikhs. The Gurdwara is situated in the Chowk area of Patna City (the older part the city). The gurudwara is situated in the Chowk are of Patna city and has a museum on it's third floor.


Built for the purpose of storing grains to be used in the times of famines, this round building was completed in 1786 though never used. The construction of Golghar was necessitated following famines like the one that took place in the region in 1770. The base of the building is 125 metres in width and the walls are 3.6 metres thick. There are stairs to go on to the top of the building that gives some beautiful views of the city and the river Ganga nearby.

Jalan Museum

The museum is situated over the ruins of the Qila House, the site of Shershah's fort. It is a private collection containing Chinese paintings and an invaluable collection of silver and jade filigree work of the Mughal period.

Bihar Institute of Handicraft and Design

Located in the Pataliputra Colony, the institute is trying to revive the old crafts and art of Bihar to modern use, especially Mithila paintings. Hotels in patna, Patna Hotels, Hotel in Patna, Hotel Booking for Patna, Budget Hotels in Patna, Luxury Hotels in Patna

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