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About Kali Wilderness Camp

The Kali Wilderness camp is located on the banks of River Kali, which is a large and Perennial River flowing through the Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka, India. Two wildlife sanctuaries exist here, namely, the Anshi National Park and Dandeli wildlife Sanctuary. The whole district is a dense forest. There is plenty of bird-life, but animals are less seen.

Coracle ride down the river Kali is a memorable experience. One is sure to encounter big size crocodiles and turtles, apart from dozens of different species of birds.

Elephant ride (if available) or jeep ride in the forest accompanied by the Naturalists gives you first-hand feel of the forest and its diverse life forms. Trekking trips into the forest for a closer encounter and a more thrilling adventure are also suggested.

Hotel Specifications


The camp has 9 tents that can accommodate 18 tourists. They are very comfortable with attached bath and situated overlooking the river, providing a perfect setting for your comfortable stay.

There is also the main building with 11 rooms that can accommodate 22 guests. This building has a huge reception area and a dinning hall, suitable for conference and meetings for up to 100 persons.


You can enjoy a buffet lunch between 1.30 - 2.30 pm. at the Gol Ghar overlooking the river Kali. Gol Ghar is a round open-to-all-sides restaurant, providing a unique setting and experience. After the afternoon rest, tea/coffee is served at the Gol Ghar. Buffet dinner is served at 8.30 p.m. The surrounding darkness and the accompanying "silence of the forest" is as memorable as the delicious spread of Indian & Continental (veg & non-veg) cuisine served.


In the afternoon you may take a tour of the Dandeli Sanctuary accompanied by experienced Naturalists. The wildlife seen in the sanctuary includes the gaur, giant malabar squirrel, sambar and spotted deer. The sanctuary is home to Black Panther, wild elephants & tiger, but the sightings of these are rare. Bird-life is however, plentiful. The tour takes you to other scenic spots in the sanctuary.

You may relax with a mug of beer or play table tennis or watch a wildlife movie.

While at the Kali Wilderness camp you can either trek into the forest or ride down the river Kali in the native boat called 'coracle', accompanied by a Naturalist and watch the crocodiles & turtles (found in abundance here) and many aquatic birds in their natural habitat.

You may also enjoy special programs like the thrills of white water rafting, kayaking, Multi-day Canoe Tour, Canyoning, Climbing Wall and mountain biking.

Basic Data

Country India
State Karnataka
District Uttara Kannada
City Dandeli
Location 125 kms by road from Goa
481 kms by road from Bangalore
Rooms 11 Rooms 9 Tents

City Information

Besides wildlife Dandeli has several tourist attractions of offers. It offers unlimited opportunities for trekking, that one can spend a full week here. These spots of interest can be visited by trekking or in combination of jeep rides and trekking. You have Kavala caves the ancient limestone caves surrounded by thick forest, Molangi offers a picnic spot 10 kms upstream of the river Kali, Trek to Syntheri rock, a huge monolithic granite structure by the side of which the river Kaneri flows, Fresh water springs at Mandurli and Kulagi, are located in the middle of the sanctuary, where you can bathe and laze in the flowing crystal-clear mineral water, with the forest providing you a melodious background music, Visit to Siroli peak, the highest point in the district, provides you a panoramic view of the vast stretches of forest all round, another view spot is Sykes point, from where the deep Kali valley can be seen in all its majesty. Dandeli forest is home to many tribal communities like the Gowlis and the Siddis. Gowlis are the semi-tribal, nomadic graziers and Siddis are the African slaves who escaped into the forest from Portuguese custody some 400 years ago. Many anthropological study groups have visited and researched these tribal communities.