Rajvilas Hotel, Jaipur is a leading Hotel of Jaipur. India Hotels and Resorts offers complete hotel information on the dining in Rajvilas, conference and banquet facilities at the Rajvilas Jaipur Hotel along with Online Hotel Booking request and hotel package offerings from Rajvilas Hotel in Jaipur. Rajvilas Hotel in Jaipur is one of the best deluxe hotels in Jaipur
Rajvilas Hotel (5 Star Deluxe) Jaipur

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Surya Mahal:
Surya Mahal offers one of Rajasthan's best dining experiences. Its stately Rajasthani décor, with sculpted sandstone pillars, scalloped arches and handcrafted brass doors, revives the lifestyles of the princes of Rajputana. The restaurant offers light fusion cuisine with elements from Asia and Europe. This is complemented with Rajasthani culinary delights served in traditional silver thalis or platters.

A special feature at Rajvilas is the Al Fresco dining experience. Indian classical music and traditional Rajasthani folk dances in the courtyard adjoining Surya Mahal create a vibrant atmosphere.

Rajwada Library & Bar:
Rajwada literally means royal residence, and in keeping with the name, this library bar has a regal ambience imbued with a residential atmosphere. The walls are lined with shelves containing an extensive selection of leather bound books and coffee table books, as well as a wide variety of compact discs and laser discs. Burma teak flooring and a fireplace made of white Italian marble add to the warm ambience. Unobtrusively tucked away in one corner of the library, the small bar counter, offers a fine selection of wines, liquors and beverages.

A selection of fine books, old manuscripts and board games like chess and backgammon are also available.

Conference and Banquet Facilities

Rajvilas provides the ideal destination for exclusive retreats, select corporate gatherings, brainstorming sessions and board meetings. State-of-the-art technology and attentive service to facilitate conferences are available on the premises.

At Rajvilas, many exclusive incentive parties have been hosted, where the emphasis has been on creating unique events, tailor-made to exacting specifications. A range of entertainment and decorative displays have been devised to create the perfect ambience for discerning guests. The staff would be delighted to discuss and propose the perfect event for you.

Rooms Dimension Classroom U Shape Theater Conference
Meeting room 1 40' X 16' 26 22 35 22
Meeting room 2 40' X 16' 26 22 35 22

Theme Evenings at the Rajvilas

Royal Rajasthani Banquet :
This is suitable for groups of up to 30 and will include a traditional dinner served on silver thalis (platters), with accompanying Rajasthani folk music and dance.

The setting is the magnificent courtyard of the Surya Mahal restaurant, where the group would be seated separately from the other diners, but at the same time participants in the grand spectacle that the courtyard naturally offers. Tall stone columns burst with flames into the night, in a setting that is second to none. Evoking the myriad images of a bygone era, the haunting sounds of traditional Rajasthani music and dance reverberate amongst the columns and around the fort walls.

Rajvilas, Rajvilas in Jaipur, Hotel Rajvilas of Jaipur, Hotel Booking for Rajvilas Jaipur, Deluxe hotels in Jaipur, Oberoi hotel in Jaipur , Online Booking for Rajvilas Jaipur, Hotels in Jaipur, Jaipur Hotels, Hotel Booking for The Rajvilas Hotel Jaipur The Bazaar at the Poolside: The poolside at Rajvilas is a spectacular sight, especially at night. Candles around the pool create a magical backdrop to a usually informal evening. The menu could be completely Indian or a delicious mélange of various cuisines. With an emphasis on live cooking, an assortment of stalls tempts guests with distinct yet intriguing aromas.

Excellent performances of Indian classical dance, and other dances unique to the region keep guests enthralled. Palmists and astrologers are on hand, to help guests take a look into their future, and there are also puppet shows, hand painting artists and bangle sellers. A spectacular fireworks display can also be organized at the end of the evening.

Spice Talk and Indian Gourmet Evening or Luncheon:

Hosted by the Indian chef, the Spice Talk is an interesting event for guests, detailing the history of Indian spices, their use in traditional cooking and their various other values. Leaflets and spice pouches are gifted to guests after the 30-45 minute talk. This is followed by an elaborate Indian gourmet buffet laid out in the outer courtyard of the restaurant. Traditional music and dance can be organized.

"Sans Spice" - An Gourmet Evening without Spice: Guests who have had their fill of Indian food can enjoy an evening without spice - combining the best of Indian hospitality with the finest European cuisine.

The Chef's lavish formal dinners with up to five courses, served in the magnificent surroundings of the Surya Mahal courtyard, can satisfy the most discerning of international tastes.

Royal Procession:
Guests can be treated to a unique welcome in a royal procession consisting of grandly decorated elephants which can seat 4 guests each, beautiful horse carriages, camels, Rajasthani folk dancers, a lively and colourful band accompanying the procession, and a group of people leading the entourage, showering the guests with flower petals.

The 75-yard ride from the coach would end just outside the entrance of the hotel, where the hotel staff will be present to accord guests a traditionally warm Indian welcome, with two decorated elephants, musicians and garlands.

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