Cauvery Fishing and Nature Camps, Cauvery Fishing and Nature Camps is a leading wildlife resort near Karnataka. India Hotels and Resorts offers complete hotel information on Cauvery Fishing and Nature Camps along with Online Hotel Booking request and hotel package offerings from Cauvery Fishing and Nature Camps
Cauvery Fishing and Nature Camps, Karnataka

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About Cauvery Fishing and Nature Camp

Meandering through the woody landscape amidst the forests of Karnataka is the Cauvery -a large & majestic river of South India. Nestled along this river are the Cauvery Fishing & Nature Camps, world-renown as home to the great 'Mahseer' - the most challenging & the largest tropical sporting river fish known to man. Tucked away from Bangalore city, yet close enough for you to reach in two hours, these camps offer a slice of nature that is unique, rugged and breathtakingly beautiful - one in which you can totally feel free! It is the best place in the world for Masheer. It is also an ideal wilderness retreat for the (non-fishing) nature lovers and knowledge workers.

Hotel Specifications


1)   Bheemeshwari :
Bheemeshwari is located at a distance of 100 km from Bangalore. This place is a sanctuary to enjoy the calm environs with a dash of luxury. There are 8 luxurious ethnic log-huts on stilts, blending beautifully with the surrounding trees, four of them air-conditioned. There are also 9 well-furnished tented cottages for those who prefer a more rustic existence.

2)   Galibore :
Galibore is located 95 km from Bangalore city, 16 kms away from Bheemeshwari. Galibore is in the midst of sheer wilderness hidden under gigantic Terminalia arjuna trees, with the river flowing in front and the hills covered with trees lining both sides of the river and wild elephants moving around. This is the haven for seekers of isolation. There are 10 beautiful tented cottages, all with attached bath, very clean, illuminated at night with hurricane lamps but no electricity. We have created a beautiful, but rustic atmosphere here, which blends with the environs. There is a beautiful barbecue corner, around which you can have beer while the meat gets grilled.

3)   Doddamakali:
Doddamakali is situated 6 Kms upriver of Bheemeshwari. This is the remotest and the most rugged and primitively beautiful place imaginable. This is where you will learn the meaning of the word "isolation". There is a large pool of water of river Cauvery in front where one could indulge in water sports. Six tents are located here. Doddamakali is the best place if you are prepared to rough it out. Our staff of course, will always be with you. This is our base for corporate team building exercises, conducted through OZONE, the leading outdoorsmen of South India. There are two ways of reaching this place -a direct road route, the final part of which is very steep and needs 4 WD jeep to negotiate the last few kms. Alternatively, one can park the vehicle at Bheemeshwari and trek 6 kms. to Doddamakali.


Treat yourself to a sumptuous buffet of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine in an open-to-sides dining hall called the Gol Ghar. Have lunch around 1:30 pm after you check in. You have tea in the evening, dinner around a campfire, bed tea and breakfast to keep you smiling on.

Recreation & Health

Cauvery beckons as soon as you check in. A quick walk to the riverbank is simply irresistible. Dip your feet in the pristine waters and you can actually feel the travails of city life fading away. Paradise is here! With the assistance of courteous and knowledgeable staff, you can:

  • trek through thick forest and scale the series of hilltops.
  • nature walk for short distances if you are not eager for a long trek.
  • float down the meandering river on a coracle.
  • do fun fishing.
  • observe 95 species of birds, including rare ones like the gray headed fishing eagle, spot billed duck, small pied kingfisher, black-bellied river tern, etc.
  • watch crocodile, turtle and otter in the water.
  • see wildlife like elephants, deer, wild boar and grizzly giant squirrel.
  • relax in hammock and read your favorite book, or have a snooze.
  • visit the ruins of centuries-old Shiva temple adjoining the Bheemeshwari camp.
  • interact with the Soliga aboriginal tribals living close by and learn their primitive survival skills, passed down over millennia.
  • relax with your family and play on the sandbanks while the water flows around you.
  • Try your hand at volleyball -our staff will make up for the number.
  • sit around a campfire at night and listen to each other's tale of yore.

Basic Data

Country India
State Karnataka
City Bheemeshwari
Location Banks of River Cauvery


City Information

Being a perennial river originating from the forest, the water is clean and forms an ideal niche for the largest freshwater sportfish on earth viz., the golden mahseer (Tor mussullah). Up to 105 pounders are being caught regularly. This place is the favourite refuge for an exclusive and expanding tribe of British fishermen. They bring their own fishing gear. "Catch and Release" system is practiced here with a view towards conservation. The foreigners prefer to come here during November-March, even though during April-May also good fishing opportunity is presented, but the weather will be rather hot and you will have to bear with it.

Among the three camps, the best fishing opportunities are at Galibore (January-April). Only a limited number of fishermen are allowed at any given time. At Bheemeshwari the fishing opportunities are best during October-January. You can also migrate from Bheemeshwari to Doddamakali and do fishing there also.